Life asks a question, and your answer is written in every choice you make every moment of your life.

“The religious got it wrong. Today’s Super Sciences show how you are capable of three transformational breakthroughs:
(1) re-wiring your brain (2) evolving 10-second Mega Mindset Mastery, (3) consciously plugging in to total reality and turning-on
your complete life. God is not a being. God is a way of being; a state of mind.Your full reach exceeds your present grasp.
Mystics across history have called this capacity ‘The Way’ or ‘The Road Less Travelled.’ Simple. Not easy, but simple.”

FIND your true north. BECOME a Mindset Master. EVOLVE yourself. ENABLE others.

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Dr. Joe Dispenza & Paul Bailey
Global Mindset & Leadership Summit
Keynote Speakers: Mexico & Caribbean.

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Dr. John Demartini & Paul Bailey
Global Mindset & Leadership Summit
Keynote Speakers: Mexico & Caribbean.

This website is for those individuals who have a hunch there is more to reality than meets the eye and more to life than getting to death safely.

The 10-second Mega Mindset Mastery initiative combines such seemingly unrelated fields as quantum mechanics, consciousness studies, quantum biology, holistic health, epigenetics and evolutionary science to recover the access-all-areas master-keys to a more complete experience of total reality and a complete life.

Using the Super Science of today, the access-all-areas public programs take you to the complete life experience at the heart of the insights and deeper ‘mysteries’ of the ancients, and how to make this benefit you and your world day-to-day.

Unlike other related studies that

This is where you get the chance to see some bright ideas and suggest some additional “AhHa!” moments of your own ...

Change your Mindset, change your life. Master your mindset, master your life. Select from four workshops. Your time-frame. Many directions. One aim.At this time in history we are witness to, and participants in, the greatest collective awakening of consciousness that history has ever known. Within Quantum Physics and the Mind Sciences there is a hugely exciting journey emerging across the roots of reality and the fundamentals of life that would make your personal life story unbelievable at any earlier time. We are also faced with the tipping point of our own environmental catastrophe. We are into an event-horizon of consciousness and human potential far greater than the breakthrough we had 500 years ago when Copernicus and Galileo upgraded us from a frightened and super...


Co-collaborator in the Global Science and Mindset Network, sharing insights on the 20 big questions of the 21st Century, including communications on the evolution of consciousness.

Geshe Dorji Damdul

Director of Tibet House, Cultural Center of H.H. the Dalai Lama.

“Paul Bailey’s Think of an Elephant is an inspiring, in depth exploration into the philosophical, the scientific, the sociological and the spiritual aspects of evolving humanity. It is a must read for anyone desiring to know their place and purpose in the universe.

Dr. John Demartini.

International educator and bestselling author:

“Your (leadership) training sessions have inspired all the managers and supervisors who attended. Now we know the difference between leading and managing, and how to command without force or demand. Please can we keep you here with us.”

George Misa.

Republic of the Philippines, Assistant Secretary of the National Department of the Interior and Local Government
  • “Destined to become the Bible of the new way of thinking on science and spirituality.”


    Rachael Kohn.

    Broadcaster: The Spirit of Things, ABC Radio National.
  • In my times with this good, kind and generous man, I came to appreciate just how much power and timeless clarity can be communicated, through the right intention and mindset, at precisely the right moment. Within a phrase as simple as “ Paul, perhaps it is time to share another cup of tea” the transmission of mind-to-mind can awaken much more than either the words or the teaching.

    Charles Luk

    In memory of Charles Luk (Lu Kuan Yu), Master translator of Chinese Chan (Buddhist) Texts, and my teacher of the ancient mysteries. Hong Kong. Po Lin Monastery. 1978.
  • “ … I was very impressed by your book, and gained much from it. I am slowly beginning to understand this side of science and philosophy. It seems the more I understand, the more it becomes obvious to me. Thank you for helping to point me in the right direction.”

    Dr. Sam Keating

    Research scientist, Radbound University, Netherlands.
  •   A breakthrough book, offering new dimensions for the mind sciences...With its blend of physics   and philosophy, cutting-edge science and venerable wisdom - the practical and the spiritual - "Think of an Elephant" is a book you  will cherish.

    Russell DeSouza

    Research Psychiatrist,Melbourne University, Australia.
  • “Insightful. Quite exceptional. An excellent book.”

    Deepak Chopra

    a world-renowned speaker and author on the subject of alternative medicine; an expert in the field of mind-body healing
  • "An astonishing book. Brilliantly researched and beautifully written."

    Jay Tolson

    Senior writer, US News and World Report


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